State Resiliency Office
State Resiliency Office

State Resiliency Office B​​​​​​​oard​ Members


  • Robert Martin, State Resiliency Officer

  • The Secretary of the Department of Commerce​

  • Brett McMillion, Director of the Division of Natural Resources

  • Harold Ward, Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection

  • Brian Farkas, Executive Director of the State Conservation Agency

  • The President of the West Virginia Emergency Management Council

  • Jeff Sandy, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security

  • Jimmy Wriston, Secretary of Transportation

  • ​Bill Crouch, Secretary of Department of Health and Human Resources

  • William Crane, Adjutant General of the West Virginia National Guard

  • G.E. McCabe, Director of the Division of Emergency Management

  • Two nonvoting ​members of the West Virginia Senate:​ Glenn Jeffries, Chandler​​ Swope

  • Two nonvoting members of the West Virginia House of Delegates​: Ed Evans, David Kelly

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