State Resiliency Office
State Resiliency Office



Silver Jackets​

​Across the nation, Silver Jackets teams bring together multiple state, federal, and sometimes tribal & local agencies to learn from one another in reducing flood risk and other natural disasters. This is accomplished by leveraging their shared knowledge, the partners' enhanced response and recovery efforts when such events do occur. The objective of the West Virginia Silver Jackets National Program is to have a collaborative, comprehensive, and sustainable partnership to improve safety and reduce flood damages.  

​​​SRO FEMA & HUD Collaboration

This resiliency oriented working group consists of State and Federal agencies recognizing the importance of collaboration in order to promote communication amongst the perspective entities through information sharing, resource awareness, and skill identification. 

​Debris Management

​Members of the Debris Management working group are local, state, and federal partners whose objective is to devise a Debris Management Plan in order to coordinate disaster-related debris management activities through the formation of local, state, and federal working groups. 

​​​​​Hazard Mitigation Joint Planning Committee

​The West Virginia Statewide Hazard Mitigation Plan provides statewide guidance to reduce loss and prevent injury from all hazards. It reflects an amalgamation of goals, objectives, and strategies developed by the West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM), with input from the general citizenry and representatives from all levels of government.

Additional Projects

​​​​Upper ​​​Kanawha Valley Resiliency Council

WV Emerging Response Commission 

​Flood Cause Pilot Project with WV NFIP Director


​​Building/Identifying Damage Assessment Team Pre-Disaster/NFIP Director

​​F​​lood Plain Management Professional Development Training/NFIP Director ​


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